Botanical Trends of Instagram: The Houseplants You'll Want for 2019

Instagram has quickly become our favorite spot to share our newest arrivals, animal antics and favorite flowers around the nursery. In addition to its quick and easy ability to reach our customers, we also love to search its pages for inspiration and up-and-coming plant trends. Among some of the most popular plants on Instagram are houseplants. They are the people’s plants—experts and novices alike can grow the same species everywhere, from Minnesota to Hawaii, in their kitchen window sill. It is because of this plant-growing kinship that we see the same favorites trending over and over. If you have ever seen one of the following Instagram favorites and wished you could give it a try too, you’re in luck—most of these plants are stocked In the nursery year-round just waiting for you to come get them!

Fiddle Leaf Ficus, Ficus lyrata (aka Fiddle Leaf Fig, Fig Leaf Ficus, the plant in the Pottery Barn Catalogs)
Level: Intermediate

These striking houseplants command attention from whatever corner of the room you place them in! They will add a nice splash of green plus some height and interest that will coordinate with almost any design style. They prefer moist but not wet soil, and like to be near a bright window. They can be a little finicky and prefer not to be moved once they find a spot they like. They may also take a little while to get used to indoor air and will benefit from the occasional misting from a spray bottle. Do not try to grow them directly under ceiling air vents.

Pancake Plant, Pilea peperomioides, (aka Pilea, Chinese Money Plant)
Level: Beginner

This is one of the most popular plants on Instagram. They are interesting, unique and easy to grow. Pilea produce pups that can be easily separated from the main plant and shared with friends. They are not overly picky about light or water, as long as they have some of both, and they grow fast!

Sansevieria (aka Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Snake Plant)
Level: Beginner

These are some of our very favorite plants! They are beautiful, they come in a wide variety of colors and textures, and they won’t die if you forget to water them once (or three times). They will live happily in areas with less light, and are slow growing, so you won’t have to worry about re-potting for a while. With the ease of caring for them and the variety of choices available you’ll find you want to quickly start collecting them.

Level: Beginner

They seem to be some of the most popular plants for beginning gardeners, as well as a favorite for adding to cute pots, terrariums and fairy gardens. As long as you don’t overwater them, they are easy to grow and can live in a variety of light conditions. Plus, they are easy to start from pieces that break off, so you can share with friends and grow lots of different kinds in a small area.

While these are the current favorites of Instagram, we also think you’ll be seeing a lot more Hoyas, Spider Plants, and Anthuriums in 2019 too!

Garden TipsSarah Hudson