Edible Flower Gardening

When I had my first child I wanted to make sure she would love being outdoors just as much as I do.  I wanted to make all of her experiences outside fun and interesting. That’s when I turned my attention to edible gardens.  I wanted to be surrounded by beautiful colors, fun textures, and non-toxic plants in case she was inclined to explore with her mouth (She has always been all about the mouth).  Thus my adventure started.


Pansies & Violas

Cool season annual;

Pansies thrive in the winter in full sun and the whole flower is edible! Same with Violas, however they can tolerate much more shade and have potential to reseed. Every time we come home the girls go to the garden and pick a flower to eat.


The tender sweet petals can be cooked, eaten raw or dried and stored for later use.  They are extremely easy to grow with big showy flowers.


Redbor Kale

Cool season annual

Redbor Kale

Although it is just a gorgeous leafy plant it is also fun to pick and chew on.  They are gorgeous and a single plant makes a huge impact with its deep purple wavy leaves.


These bright cool season annuals are often paired with tomatoes in vegetable beds to protect the crop from pests and fungus. Their yellow and orange hues easily brighten up any area—a super multi-tasking plant!
“Marigolds not only make for beautiful decor and effective pest control in your garden, they're also colorful and nutritious additions to your table.” ~ Mother Earth News

Mexican Mint Marigold

Texas’ version of tarragon.  The flavor of the leaves makes it hard for me to pass by without grabbing a one and chewing.  Plus, it is a hardy perennial.

Cardoon Artichoke

Considered a delicacy in Sicilian cooking.  The plants are huge, cold hardy, and a show stopper.  The stems and buds can be eaten. This one has thistle like leaves so I like to plant it out of the way of my girls.


This is a must have for anyone who has a vegetable garden.  It attracts beneficial insects and helps repel the bad ones.  The blooms are stunning and EDIBLE! I like mine with a little cream cheese.

Jamaica Hibiscus

Beautiful tropical hibiscus with tons of blooms.  It is naturally insect and disease resistant and the fresh or dried blooms make the most delicious and refreshing tea! It’s wonderful in every way.

Written by Rebecca Band | Edited by Sebastien Serimontrikul