Tomato List, Fall 2019 (Subject to Availability)


(DET) Determinate, aka "bush tomatoes"
Plant reaches a certain height then flowers & fruits over a concentrated period of time (usually a few weeks); suited for container growing.

(INDET) Indeterminate
Plant grows & produces fruit over a long period of time until stopped by disease or too high or too low temperatures; best in large beds or containers; needs strong support.


(V) Verticillium wilt 

(N) Nematodes 

(T) Tobacco Mosaic Virus 

(EB) Early Blight

(LB) Late Blight

(F) Fusarium wilt (FF=Races 1&2; FFF=Races 1,2,&3)

(A) Alternaria Leaf Spot/Stem Canker

(St) Stemphyllium Gray Leaf Spot 

(TSWV) Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus


Atlas | Det, 65 – 70 days

First ever large beefsteak tomato on a compact plant. Perfect for pots because of their bushy and compact nature. Tomatoes weigh 1 lb and boast an old-timey flavor. Plant has good disease resistance.

Better Bush | V F N Det, 68 days

Big 4" fruits are tasty & meaty; plants have extra sturdy stems & thick, deep green foliage. Perfect for large containers or small gardens.

Black Krim | Heirloom Indet, 80 days

Medium-sized, very dark maroon beefsteak, with wonderfully rich flavor. Heat tolerant. Rich, slightly salty flavor makes them great for fresh eating.

Bushsteak | Det, 65 days

Early maturing beefsteak tomatoes on a compact plant suitable for containers. Produces loads of 8 – 12 oz, meaty, red fruit with exceptional flavor. Great slicing tomato.

Celebrity | V FF N T A Det, 70 days

Exceptionally flavorful, crack-resistant, firm 8 – 12 oz fruit on strong vines with outstanding disease resistance. One of our most popular tomatoes.

Chef's Choice Orange | T N V Indet, 75 days

AAS winner. Originated with the heirloom Amana Orange. Produces high yields of 9 – 12 oz orange beefsteak tomatoes that keep the same delicious, old-fashioned flavor.

Floradade | Heirloom Det, 74 days

Produces smooth, red, 5 – 7 oz tomatoes, with oxheart shape and green shoulders. Great ability to withstand heat and produce high yields. A farmers market favorite.

Health Kick | FF T A St TSWV Det, 72 days

4 – 5 oz, bright red, plum-shaped fruit with 50% higher levels of the antioxidant lycopene than other common tomatoes. Compact, disease-resistant, productive plant. Great for salads, cooking & more.

Husky Red Cherry | Indet dwarf, 65 days

Big yields of tasty, 1" cherry tomatoes in large clusters on compact plants that continue to produce over a long season. Delicious balanced flavor.

Indian Stripe | Heirloom Indet, 80 – 85 days

8 – 10 oz burgundy-purple tomatoes with exquisite taste. Faint green stripes fade as tomatoes ripen. Similar to Cherokee Purple but produces more heavily. Excellent for slicing, salads, or sauce. Relatively compact plant has superior tolerance for heat, humidity, disease, & adverse growing/setting conditions.

Patio | F A St Det, 70 days

Produces large harvests of 2" round, 3 to 4 oz, flavorful, red tomatoes. Most popular variety for growing on patios, decks, courtyards, or wherever space is limited.

Roma | Heirloom V F A Det, 75 – 78 days

Bright red, plum-shaped, 3" long, paste-type fruits with meaty interiors. Thick-walled & solid with very few seeds & good flavor. Compact vines yield large harvests.

Sun Gold | F T Indet, 57 days

Premier variety of cherry tomato that ripens to a golden orange with a very sweet, fruity flavor. Produces in warm & cool conditions. Fruit matures quickly & crops heavily through the warmer months.