Pepper List, Spring 2019

Container Friendly

  • Cajun Belle | Mildly hot

  • Candy Cane Red | Sweet

  • Hatch Green Chile | Medium Hot

  • Hot Banana | Mildly hot, Heirloom

  • Mini Belle Mix | Sweet

  • Pepperoncini, Orange | Medium

  • Serrano | Very hot

  • Shishito, Takara | Sweet with occasional spicy hot ones *chef’s choice

  • Sweet Heat | sweet

  • Thai Hot | Very hot, heirloom

Award Winners

  • Cajun Belle | Mildly hot

  • Holy Mole | Very little heat

  • Mariachi (JJL) | Mildly hot

  • Orange Blaze | Sweet Bell


Varieties at Enchanted

Aji Rico | Moderate heat (55 days to green; 75 days to red)

All-American Selections Winner; conical, thin-walled, crunchy fruit matures early from green to red (can be eaten at any stage). Delicious warm, citrus-y, flavor. Makes a taste test-winning salsa. Dries well.

Anaheim | Moderate heat (Heirloom, 75 days)

Called the "New Mexican Chile"; moderately pungent; ripens from green to deep red. Long, tapered, medium-thick peppers are borne on tall, productive plants. Tobacco mosaic virus-resistant. Excellent for canning, freezing, or drying.

Ancho Mosquetero | Medium (80–90 days)

Big healthy plants with loads of very large, smooth, dark green, two lobed fruits. Heavy, glossy peppers are 6" long by 3" wide at the shoulders and slightly taper to a flat point. The shape and open interior is perfect for stuffing, frying, and salsa

Ancho Tiburon (JJL) | Moderately hot (65 days to green; 85 to red)

4 1/2–5" long x 3" wide, dark green pepper with sweet, thick flesh. Traditionally used for chiles rellenos.

Bhut Jolokia Red/Ghost | HOT, HOT, HOT! (Heirloom, 85–100 days)

One of the world's hottest peppers—over 300 times hotter than jalapeños! Looks similar to a habañero but with a rougher texture & a more dented appearance. When ripe, it is red or orange & 2 ½"–3 ½" long. Handle & eat with caution & keep away from eyes!

Big Bertha | Sweet Bell (70–72 days)

Giant, sweet bells, with extra-large elongated fruits up to 7" long x 4" across. Matures to red. Resists tobacco mosaic virus.

Bulgarian Carrot (JJL) | Very hot (Heirloom, 65–68 days)

Extremely productive, quick to mature, 3–4" long, carrot-shaped, bright orange, crunchy fruit with a very hot but fruity flavor. Adds a colorful tint to glazes, marinades, salsas, and hot pepper jelly. Compact enough to grow in containers.

Cajun Belle | Mildly hot (60 days)

Award winning, mini bell peppers with a spicy flavor that blends heat & sweet. Prolific producer of 2"w x 3" long, bell-shaped fruit that ripens from green to deep red but can be eaten at either stage. Compact plants are about 2' tall & equally as wide & exhibit good disease tolerance.

California Wonder (Bell) | Sweet (Heirloom 72–75 days)

Glossy green fruit is blocky with crisp, thick walls & sweet taste. Matures to red. A nice stuffer with high yields.Tobacco mosaic virus-resistant.

Candy Cane Red | Sweet (40–45 to green stripe; 60–65 to fully ripe-solid red)

New for 2018; Beautiful, tasty peppers ripen super early on attractive plant with variegated foliage. Sweet, thin-walled, & crispy fruit can be eaten at any stage. Good for containers or in-ground with or without support.

Carmen | Sweet (75 days)

Sweet peppers in the Italian bull's horn style that grow to about 6" long x 2 1/2" wide, maturing from green to red with a flavor that is noticeably sweeter than other varieties, raw or cooked. Excellent yields, widely adapted, reliable, & easy to grow.

Carolina Reaper | Insanely hot (90 days)

World's hottest pepper as ranked by the Guinness Book of World's Records. 1.5–2.2 million Scoville Heat Units. Said to have an excellent, sweet, fruity flavor before the heat kicks in. Handle & eat with caution & keep away from your eyes!

Cayenne (JJL) | Very hot (72 days)

Thin skinned fruit is 4–6" long x ½" wide, slightly wrinkled and very hot. Matures from green to red. Use dry or fresh in salsas, etc.

Cayenne Long Thin | Very Hot (72 days)

Slender, long peppers turn bright red and are very hot. The 2’ plants are vigorous and quite productive. Very popular for drying and using as a spice.

Chiltepin Chile (JJL) | Very hot (90–95 days)

Wild type, native to Southwestern US & Mexico that produces 1/4" long & wide, pea-shaped fruit all year in mild winters. Root hardy shrub is very ornamental. Popular for spicing up soups & bean dishes.

Chiltepin/McMahon's Texas Bird | Medium to very hot (90 days)

Seeds for this plant were sent from San Antonio, TX to Thomas Jefferson in 1812 & 1813. Native to Southwest Texas that produces 1/4" long & wide, pea-shaped fruit all year in mild winters. Smaller plant than the wild type. Root hardy shrub is very ornamental. Popular for spicing up soups & bean dishes. Freeze to preserve or string like cranberries to dry.

Ghost | See "Bhut Jolokia Red"

Golden California Wonder | Sweet Bell (Heirloom, 72 days)

Golden-yellow, thick-walled, meaty, sweet peppers on upright, healthy plants. Produces prolific crops of blocky, 4" long x 4" wide fruit.

Golden Summer (JJL) | Sweet (67 days)

Heavy yields of large, golden-yellow, blocky fruit with outstanding sweet, mild flavor. Excellent stuffed or added to salads.

Gong Bao (JJL) | Mildly hot (80–85 days)

Deliciously spicy flavor. Slender, thin-walled, 3–5" long fruit that ripens from green to red. Great in salsas and salads. Dries well. Very productive plant.

Gypsy | Sweet (60 days)

Plant produces early & heavy yields of 3–5" long, wedge-shaped, very sweet bell peppers that mature from pale yellow to orange-red. Performs well in both hot and cool regions. Tobacco Mosaic Virus-resistant.

Habañero, Orange | Blistering hot (Heirloom, 90–100 days)

Wrinkled, 1" long x 1–1/2" wide, tapered fruit that ripens from light green to golden-orange. Abundant harvests. Forty times hotter than a jalapeño.

Habañero, Red (JJL) | Blistering hot (Heirloom, 90–100 days)

Just like the traditional orange habañero, but even hotter—about 65 times hotter than a jalapeño.

Habañero, Rey Pakal (JJL) | Extremely hot (84 days)

2 1/2" x 1 1/2" peppers mature from green to red; prolonged, heavy harvests.

Hatch Green Chile | Medium hot ( 75 days)

This pepper has been grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico for over a century. Authentic green chile flavor. 7" long peppers are perfect for roasting. Pick green or allow to ripen to red. Compact plant.

Holy Mole | Very little heat (85 days)

Award winner. A pasilla-type best known for its distinctive nutty & spicy flavor in mole sauce. 7–9" long peppers mature from green to dark chocolate. Use fresh or dried to add rich, smoky flavor but very little heat.

Hot Banana/Hungarian Hot Wax | Mildly hot (Heirloom, 65–85 days)

Spicy, fairly hot, banana-shaped fruits, 6" long x 1–1/2" across that mature from canary yellow to bright red. Everbearing, compact, strong, upright plants.

Jalafuego Jalapeño | Very hot (70 days)

One of the hottest & most productive jalapeño varieties on the market. Top quality, 4" long peppers are produced over a long season. Large, vigorous, disease-resistant plants.

Jalapeño Early Hot | Hot (Heirloom, 75 days)

Fiery, thick-walled, 3" long x 1–1/2" wide peppers that ripen from dark green to red. Famous fresh or pickled for nachos & other Tex-Mex dishes.

Jalapeño El Jefe (JJL) | Hot (67 days)

Plant produces heavy yields of large (about 3 1/4" long by 1 ½" wide), thick-skinned, crack-resistant jalapeño peppers. (90 days to red stage)

Jalapeño Mucho Nacho | Hot (68–70 days)

Jumbo 4" fruit are fatter, thicker, heavier, & a bit hotter than regular jalapeños and a little earlier too. Vigorous, high-yielding plants.

Jalapeño TAM | Mildly hot (85 days)

Plant produces good yields of 3" long by 1" wide mildly hot peppers (milder than regular jalapeños). Peppers turn from green to red when mature. Perfect for salsa and pickling.

Lemon Drop | Hot (90 days)

Popular, 2" long seasoning pepper from Peru that ripens to a bright, sunshine yellow. Fruit has very few seeds & a hot, citrusy flavor. When peppers are cut, they release a pleasant aroma of fresh lemons. Easy to dry.

Mad Hatter | Sweet w/ occasional mild heat (65–70 days to green; 85–90 days to fully ripe)

New for 2018; All-American Selections Winner; unique, flattened disc shape. Early & high yields. Citrusy, floral flavor w/ occasional mild heat near the seeds. South American pepper species popular in Bolivian & Peruvian cuisine. Use raw, pickled, stuffed, or in cooked dishes.

Mariachi (JJL) | Mildly hot (65 days)

Award winner. Early producer of mildly hot, 4" long x 2" wide peppers that ripen from yellow to red. Delicate, gourmet flavor with fruity overtones lends itself well to cooking, grilling, pickling, and salads. A widely adaptable plant that produces continuously through the season.

Mini Belle Mix | Sweet (60 days)

Colorful mix of tiny, thick-walled bell peppers with sweet, firm flesh. 1 1/4" fruit mature from green to a range of yellows & reds. Compact, 24"T, disease-resistant plant.

Orange Blaze | Sweet Bell (65–70 days)

Award winner for its early maturity, very sweet flavor and high disease resistance. Gourmet-style, lobed fruits are 3–4" long and about 1–½" wide & mature to a bright orange quickly. High resistance to Bacterial Leaf Spot (races 0–3, 7, 8) and Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

Pepperoncini, Orange | Medium (77 days)

This new orange breed is 3½" long, with low-to-medium heat. Small, bushy plants yield a big harvest of yellow fruits that turn orange as the sweet flavor intensifies. Excellent when pickled, sliced on pizza, or eaten fresh in salads or sandwiches.

Pequin | Very hot (100 days)

Tons of very hot (10 x hotter than a jalapeño), tiny, 1/2" long peppers that ripen from green to red on bushy plants. Slightly larger & more oblong than chiltepin. Native to S. Texas & Mexico.

Peter (JJL) | Medium-hot to pretty darn fiery (95 days)

Pepper with a silly shape and a delicious flavor. Nine times as hot as a jalapeño & just a touch sweeter. Use just as you would jalapeños or serranos. Grows to 4–6" long ripening from green to bright red.

Poblano | See "Ancho"

Purple Beauty | Sweet Bell (70 days)

Blocky, thick-walled, dark purple bell peppers on compact plants that set heavily and have good cover to protect fruits from sunscald.

Red Beauty | Sweet Bell (68 days)

Thick-walled, blocky bell pepper that grows to about 4" long. Heavy yields of bright red sweet peppers. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus. Widely adapted.

Scotch Bonnet (JJL) | Very hot (95 days)

Squat little pepper with a superb fruit-like flavor & wonderful, unique aroma. Popular for hot sauce & eating fresh. Also used extensively in Caribbean & Jamaican cooking. Compact, high-yielding plants.

Serrano | Very hot (75 days)

Large harvests all season long of 4" long, firm fruit that ripens from green to red. Adds extra heat over jalapeños to sauces, salsas, & pico de gallo. Compact, upright plants are perfect for containers. Excellent disease resistance.

Serrano Tampiqueño | Very hot (75 days)

Four to five times hotter than a jalapeño. A Mexican favorite used in everything from salsas to soups and more. Distinctive pungent flavor. 1 1/2" long, thick-walled peppers that mature from green to red. (from JJL only)

Shishito, Dragon Roll | Sweet with occasional spicy hot ones (67 days)

A delicious favorite at farmers markets nationwide. It delivers a finely tuned mingling of heat and sweet. The slender, finger-long, chartreuse-green 3–5" peppers are subtly smoky when young but mature to a tenth as fiery as Jalapeño.

Shishito, Takara | Sweet with occasional spicy hot ones (60 days)

The chefs' choice! Early & prolific hybrid with a compact, spreading habit outstanding for containers & small space gardens. Small, elongated fruit with a mild, rich flavor. About 10% of peppers will surprise you with some spicy heat. Delicious simply tossed with olive oil & grilled or use in any recipe.

Sriracha | (65–70 days)

Large, 5" long x 1 1/4" wide, dark green chile pepper with good heat content. Perfect for making your own sriracha hot sauce.

Sweet Banana | Sweet (Heirloom, 68 days)

Thick-walled, 5–1/2 to 6" long, tapered, sweet fruit that matures from pale green to yellow to red. Excellent fresh or cooked. Heavy crops on a compact plant.

Sweet Heat | Sweet (56 days)

Mild, spicy flavor, similar to pepperoncini but with smoky understones. Sweet bells average 3–4" long x 1 to 1–1/2" wide & can be eaten at the green or red stage. Early & prolific on compact, bushy plants.

Tabasco | Fiery hot (Heirloom, 80 days)

Huge quantities of fiery hot, 1 ½" upright pods mature from light green through orange to red; use fresh or dried. Strong disease-resistant plants up to 4' tall. Bred for the famous extra hot Tabasco sauce.

Thai Hot | Very hot (Heirloom, 85 days)

Compact, mounded plants covered with 2–3" tabasco-type fruit that ripens from green to a rich deep red. Ideal for Asian recipes. Beautiful in containers or flower borders. Ornamental as well as edible.

Time Bomb (JJL) | Slightly hot (65–70 days)

Round to slightly pointy cherry peppers that pack a pleasant heat. Ripen from dark green to bright red. Abundant harvests. Great for pickled peppers or as appetizers stuffed with cheese.

Trinidad Scorpion | Outrageously hot (90–120 days)

Sweat-inducing, tear-generating, mouth-on-fire, golf ball-sized pepper that matures from green to orange to red. This rare pepper is one of the hottest in the world. Characteristic shape is a 2–3" pendant which tapers to a sharp point, resembling a tail—hence the name.