Rose List, Spring 2019


W | from Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower, Inc.

S | from Star® Roses and Plants

*F | has a strong fragrance

** | denotes new roses for 2019


CL | Climber

Climbing roses produce naturally long canes that can be trained on a trellis, fence, pergola, or many other types of structures (use your imagination).  Climbers with shorter canes can also be left to grow as fountain-like shrubs.

FL | Floribunda

These roses are generally medium-sized, compact plants with medium-sized flowers borne in clusters.  The stem lengths are shorter in comparison to Grandifloras & Hybrid Teas.

GC | Ground cover

These are shrub roses with a spreading habit (wider than they are tall) & good disease resistance.  These can be used in the landscape for low-growing mass plantings.

GR | Grandiflora

These roses fall between Hybrid Teas & Floribundas. They have large, high-centered flowers in small clusters rather than on single stems.  The plants are usually taller & broader than Hybrid Teas. The individual stems within each cluster are suitable for cutting.

HT | Hybrid Tea

These roses have large, high-centered flowers singly atop long, strong stems (when you think of a long-stemmed rose in a vase, it’s probably a Hybrid Tea).

Min | Miniature

These are the perfect roses for small garden spaces or decorative pots on a balcony or patio. Ours are hybridized to be garden roses (unlike grocery store minis), so they are excellent garden performers. Many have small Hybrid Tea-like flowers with all other parts of the plant in proportion to the blooms.

SH | Shrub

Shrub roses are usually free-blooming plants with differing flower sizes & forms in a broad variety of mature sizes but with a full, bushy habit & usually good disease resistance. Most are grown on their own roots.

TR | Tree rose

One or two varieties of roses budded onto an 18”, 24”, or 36” trunk

Recommended Varieties

Best Disease Resistance/Easy Care

  • Belinda’s Dream

  • Drift Roses

  • Knock Out Roses

  • Scentimental

  • Peggy Martin (Antique variety)

Best Fragrance

  • America, Bolero

  • Double Delight

  • Fourth of July

  • Fragrant Cloud

  • Fragrant Plum

  • Julia Child

  • Mr. Lincoln

  • Radiant Perfume

  • Savannah (Antique variety)

  • Scentimental

  • Star of the Republic (Antique variety)

  • Sugar Moon


Drift® Roses are a cross between full-size ground-cover roses and miniature roses. From the former, they kept toughness, disease resistance, and winter hardiness. From the miniatures, they inherited their well-managed size and repeat-blooming nature. These compact, low-growing roses are very disease resistant, perfect for any size garden, and are easy to grow. They are available in nine beautiful colors.

Apricot Drift, Coral Drift, Lemon Drift, Peach Drift, Pink Drift, Popcorn Drift, Red Drift, Sweet Drift, and White Drift


These easy-to-grow shrub roses will reward you with a season-long show of blooms from spring to frost. They are very disease resistant and require little maintenance. They are available in 10 different colors.

The Knock Out Rose, The Double Knock Out Rose, The Pink Knock Out Rose, The Pink Double Knock Out Rose, The Blushing Knock Out Rose, The Rainbow Knock Out Rose, The Sunny Knock Out Rose, The Coral Knock Out Rose, The Peachy Knock Out Rose, and The White Knock Out Rose

Helpful Hints


For a fuller and more compact rose bush—and to promote more blooms—prune your roses in February and October. Don’t prune climbing roses until after they bloom! The Houston Rose Society is an excellent resource for lessons on how to properly prune your roses, or one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to show you.

Disease Control

Prevention of pests and diseases is easily accomplished by spraying your roses with copper fungicide and horticultural oil in the winter while they are dormant. Starting a preventative treatment schedule once every 6 weeks during the growing season will keep your roses looking their best. We like Rose RX Systemic Drench or Neem Oil (organic).

Black Spot, Rust, and Powdery Mildew are common fungal diseases that affect roses in the Houston area. To treat, spray with a fungicide such as Mancozeb.

Insect Control

To treat damage caused by insects, we recommend Malathion, Systemic Insect Control, Captain Jacks Dead Bug (organic) or Neem Oil (organic).


Varieties at Enchanted

Arctic Blue (W) FL: lovely lilac pink, fading to lavender blue with a cream reverse. Very good disease resistance.

About Face (W) GR: unique among bi-color roses. Each petal bears darker bronzy-orange on the outside and lighter golden-orange on the inside. Upright growth habit, old fashioned blooms.

All Ablaze (W) CL: big ruffled red flowers, repeats readily, blooms on old and new wood

**All Dressed Up (W) *F GR: medium pink; mild tea to fresh-cut apple fragrance; medium/tall, upright; classic, old-fashioned, cuppy and quartered flowers; displays disease resistance

All My Loving (W) HT: The long cutting stems are great for bouquets, high-centered, fully double light red to dark pink blooms

America (W) *F CL: fully double, sunset-colored blooms cover this vigorous, disease resistant climber. Strong canes are fast growing and blooms smell like cloves

Angel Face (W) *F FL: lavender color, strong citrus fragrance, 3-4’Tx3’W; full, ruffled flowers in clusters, nearly continual bloom

**Arctic Blue (W) *F FL:  lilac pin fading lavender blue with cream reverse; moderate fruity to citrus like fragrance; upright, moderately spreading; attractive blooms

Autumn Sunset (W) CL: rich fragrance, great hardiness and super disease resistance (especially black spot), apricot gold color, double ruffled flowers

Belinda’s Dream (W) *F SH/FL: medium pink color; moderate fragrance; 5’Tx4’W; bushy; thrives in hot, humid summers; very disease resistant; great cut flower; TX Earth Kind

Betty Boop (W) *F SH/FL: yellow and ivory edged red flower; moderate fruity fragrance; a medium, rounded size, and shape; reblooms quickly w/o deadheading or shaping; consistent in all climates

Bolero (S) *F FL: white; strong old rose with a spice-like smell; compact, bushy plant; Romantica; disease resistant; old-fashioned form; a great rose for cutting

California Dreamin’ (S) *F HT: flowers have bright white petals with a dark pink border on plants known for their vigor, fragrance, and more tolerance to the usual rose diseases.

Candy Land (W) CL: hybrid-Tea-shaped blossoms carried in huge clusters on a very showy climber. Flowers have swirls of pink spun with creamy ivory yellow on glossy green foliage

**Celestial Night (W) FL:  plum purple with raspberry reverse; mild fruity fragrance; medium, upright and bushy; blooms look old fashioned, cuppy and very double; small clustered blooms

Centennial Star (S) *F HT: yellow and red flower; strong fragrance; tall, bushy form; similar to the Peace rose but with stronger colors and more petals per bloom

Ch-Ching (W) *F GR: lemon yellow color; strong sweet spice & fruit fragrance; 5 ½-6’T; upright; vigorous, healthy & floriferous; new shoots are a deep, red color

Cherry Parfait (S) GR: this 2003 All-America Rose Selection award winner is fantastically heavy-blooming, and disease-resistant, with flowers of red-edged white that actually darken as they mature

Chihuly (W) FL:  apricot,-yellow, orange and deep red color; mild tea fragrance; medium-sized and bushy; an ever-changing array of flashy colors; new growth is a mahogany-red color

Chrysler Imperial (W) *F HT: velvety dark red color; strong damask rose scent; 3-6’Tx2-4’W; large full blooms on long straight stems; happiest in hot temperatures; repeats well

Cinco de Mayo (W) *F FL: smoky lavender and rusty red-orange blend; moderately fragrant; 3-4’Tx3’W; seedling of Julia Child; almost non-stop bloom; disease resistant; unique color

Cloud 10 Cl (S) *F CL: pure white; exotic musk fragrance; 7-8’Tx5’W; excellent disease resistance even in the South; very full, English type blooms

Coffee Bean (W) Min: rusty, smoky red-orange; mild fragrance; short, rounded shape; for small garden spaces or pots; heavy bloomer; small HT-type flowers

Cutie Pie (W) Min: peach and yellow w/dark pink; slight fragrance; short and bushy shape; great cut flower; excellent for small spaces or patio pots

Dee-Lish (S) *F HT: deep pink; very strong verbena & citrus fragrance; 6 ½’Tx3’W; big, old fashioned blooms; excellent cut flower; disease-resistant

Diamond Eyes (W) *F Min: dark purple with a white eye; strong clove & spice fragrance; 18”T, bushy; great for small garden spaces or containers

Distant Drums (W) *F FL: tan washing to orchid pink; moderate fragrance; 3-4’T, upright; unique color in bud and bloom; vigorous and heavy blooming; full, ruffled flowers

Don Juan (W) *F CL: this classic rose features deep red semi-double blooms, nice fragrance, vigorous canes, and glossy dark-green foliage.  

Double Delight (W) *F HT: bicolor red and cream; strong, spicy old rose fragrance; 3-5’Tx3-5’W; large, full blooms; heavy bloomer; eye-catching color combination

Drop Dead Red (W) FL: deep velvet red flowers on a compact, bushy rose, with dark green glossy foliage

Easy Does It (W) *F FL: mango, peach and apricot blend; moderate fruity fragrance; 3-4’T, bushy; disease-resistant; vigorous and floriferous; full, ruffled blooms in large clusters

Easy on the Eyes (W) *F SH: lavender pink with a purple eye; moderate citrus spice fragrance; medium height, rounded, bushy; flowers heavily in large clusters; disease resistant foliage

Easy Spirit (W):  white with a cream base; mild tea fragrance; medium height; upright and compact; large, perfectly formed buds and flowers great for bouquets; natural disease resistance

Ebb Tide (W) *F FL: deep plum purple; strong, spicy clove fragrance; medium size and upright; very full, old-fashioned blooms; powerful perfume; gets better with establishment over time.

Ebb Tide/Julia Child (W) *F TR; deep plum purple and butter-gold flowers; two flower colors on one tree; see individual rose descriptions

Eden, Cl. (S) CL: soft pink with white; slight fragrance; 10’-12’ canes; gets even better with age; large, old-fashioned blooms; very disease-resistant

Elle (S) *F HT: pink and orange; very strong, spicy fragrance; bushy and compact; great rose for cutting; above-average tolerance to mildew and black spot; good size for small gardens or large containers

Eternal Flame (S) *F HT: yellow; strong citrus fragrance; tall & upright; long stems for cutting; above-average disease resistance for the type

Firefighter (W) *F HT: dusky velvety red; intense old rose fragrance; 5-6’T, upright; large, long-stemmed roses; very disease resistant; 1st sponsorship rose of the 9/11 “Remember Me” Garden Fund

Fourth of July (W) *F CL:  clusters of bright white, semi-double flowers accented by deep red stripes, this fragrant, repeat-bloomer is one of our most popular

Fragrant Cloud (W) *F HT: deep, coral red-orange; strong sweet, spice and rose fragrant; 3-5’Tx2’W. bushy; heavy bloomer and vigorous grower; large, shapely blooms

Fragrant Plum (W) *F GR:  lavender with a purple blush; strong, fruity fragrance; tall, upright; elegant buds on long cutting stems

Francis Meilland (S) *F HT: light pink ages white; strong, fruity and citrusy fragrance; 61/2’Tx3’W; multiple award winner; very large blooms

Frida Kahlo (W) FL: scarlet red striped gold; mild fruity fragrance; medium height, upright, bushy; vibrant flowers in clusters; healthy, disease resistant plant; compact

George Burns (W) *F FL:  yellow, red, pink and cream striped; strong fruit and citrus fragrance; 2-3 ½’T, rounded; healthy and free flowering; bright, cheery, “feel good” rose; full of ruffled flowers

Good as Gold (W) *F GR:  deep golden orange-yellow with a kiss of red; grapefruit and citrus fragrance; tall, upright and bushy; long-stemmed, bold colored flowers

Grape Jelly (S) CL: a great novelty rose for the garden, flowers are deep lavender purple to burgundy

Highwire Flyer, Cl (S) CL: hot pink; no fragrance; up to 6’T, very bushy and climbing; excellent resistance to black spot, rust, and mildew; from the breeder of the Knock Out Rose

Home Run (W) SH: bright red; slight fragrance; 3’T, rounded and bushy; Knock Out offspring with more disease resistance; fast to flower and quick to repeat

Hot Cocoa (W) *F FL: smoky chocolate orange; moderate old rose fragrance; 4-5’Tx4’W, rounded; large, full ruffled flowers in clusters; natural disease resistance

Iceberg (W) FL: ice white; mild honey fragrance; medium to tall and bushy; one of the top 10 roses in the world; very disease-resistant; best in mass plantings

Julia Child  (W) *F FL: buttery gold; strong licorice candy and spice smell; 3’Tx3’W; very full, old fashioned blooms; excellent disease resistance

Julio Iglesias (S) *F FL: strong citrus and verbena scent and exceptional pink and white speckled color will make a strong statement in the garden.

Ketchup & Mustard (W) FL: flowers are bright red on top of a dark yellow on the backside of the petal. Glossy leaves and a well-behaved rounded habit that is tidy enough to tuck into a landscape or container

Lady in Red (W) CL:  well contained and more compact than many climbers, true red color and vigorous growth

Lasting Love (W) *F HT: dusky red and dark pink blend; strong pure rose fragrance; medium, upright; rivals Mr. Lincoln for fragrance; more red in milder temperatures

Lemon Drop (W) *F Min: lemonade yellow; light, fruity fragrance; short, upright; full, ruffled blooms in showy clusters; long-lasting color; good vigor and attractive habit

**Life of the Party (W) *F FL: yellow kissed with pink; strong fruity to citrus like fragrance; medium-sized, upright and bushy;  cuppy, old fashioned flowers; long-lasting blooms in medium-sized clusters

Marilyn Monroe (W) HT: creamy apricot; mild fragrance; med.-tall, slightly spreading; perfect flower form and long vase life; cutting-length stems; excellent apricot for hot weather

Miss All American Beauty (W) *F HT: hot pink; strong rose fragrance; medium height, bushy; large, long-lasting, very full flowers; consistent performer

Miss Congeniality (W) GR: picture perfect buds and flowers of everlasting pure white with vibrant pink edges on an upright bushy plant with good disease resistance

Mister Lincoln (W) *F HT: velvety deep red; strong damask rose fragrance;  3-6 1/2T, upright; top-seller for its classic red, long-stemmed blooms and hard to beat fragrance

Moonlight Romantica (S) *F HT: light yellow; strong fragrance; up to6’T, upright and bushy; large full flowers; excellent disease tolerance for the type

Mother of Pearl (S) GR:  salmon pink; slight fragrance; tall, very bushy; performs well in hot, humid areas; above-average black spot resistance for the type.

Neil Diamond (W) *F HT: pink with white stripes; intense sweet and classic rose fragrance; tall and upright; medium to large, classically formed, long-stemmed cutting roses

Oklahoma (W) *F HT: velvety black-red; strong rose fragrance; medium, bushy shape; big buds and graceful flowers on a bushy plant

Outta the Blue (W) *F HT: multi-toned magenta to lavender blue; strong clove and rose fragrance; 3’-5’ tall, upright; big clusters of old fashioned formed blooms; free flowering and super vigorous.

Papa Meilland (S) *F HT:  velvety, deep red; very strong, fruity fragrance; long strong stems, long vase life; fragrance medal winner

Peace (W) *F HT:  lemony, yellow edged pure pink; mild, fruity fragrance; 4’-7’T x 2’-3; World’s most famous rose; named “Rose of the 20th Century”

Pearly Gates (W) *F CL: pastel pink flowers in clusters of large fully double blooms, with strong clove spice and old rose scent

Perfume Delight (W) *F HT:  deep rose-pink; strong damask rose fragrance; medium to tall and upright; large, full roses on long, strong stems

Pope John Paul II (W) *F HT:  pure white; strong citrus blossom fragrance; medium to tall and upright; exceptional fragrance; abundant blooms with perfect rose form; large and full flowers

Princesse Charlene de Monaco (S) *F HT: light apricot and ping; very strong fragrance; approx. 5’T x 3’W; Romantica; old-fashioned blooms; excellent disease resistance for an HT; good cut flower

Radiant Perfume (W) *F GR:  deep yellow; strong citrus fragrance; medium size, spreading; graceful shrub form; large, full roses; great cut flower

Red Ribbons (W) Groundcover: bright glowing red,  nicely-sized showy flowers come in large clusters to drape over a wall or spill from a pot.

Rio Samba (W) HT:  yellow and orange; light fragrance; medium, rounded shape; earl to flower; bright garden display; plant improves with establishment over time.

Rock and Roll (W) *F GR:  burgundy, red and ivory; strong rose and fruit fragrance; 2-3’T x 2-3’W; every flower has a unique pattern of stripes and splashes of color; great for cutting

Rosie the Riveter (W) FL:  named to honor the hard-working women that kept American factories and shipyards productive during World War II. Blooms combine old-fashioned flower form with beautiful, vibrant orange, gold, and pink coloring

Scentimental (W) *F FL: a great choice for first-time rose growers, sweet and spicy fragrance and multi-color red and white flowers bloom frequently on a humidity and disease tolerant shrub

Sedona (W) *F HT:  coral blend; strong pear fragrance; approx. 5’T, upright; stunning, 5’ blossoms with layers of colors

Sparkle & Shine (W) *F FL: great clusters of flowers on a rounded bushy plant, long-lasting yellow color, big flowers & improved disease resistance.

St. Patrick (W) HT:  yellow shaded with green; slight fragrance; 3-5’T, upright; heat brings out the green tint; large, spiraled roses open slowly; long vase life

Sunsprite (W) *F FL: Clusters of nicely formed deep yellow, sweet-smelling blooms are produced in continuous flushes on well-behaved medium-sized plants

Sugar Moon (W) *F HT:  pure white; intense sweet citrus and rose scent; tall, very upright; full, classically-formed roses; good re-bloom; natural vigor and long cutting stems

Sweet Mademoiselle (S) *F HT:  peachy-pink to apricot; strong, sweet fragrance; 5’T, upright; large, full blooms; excellent disease resistance

Tahitian Treasure (S) GR: beautiful shrub-style rose with strong salmon color, good habit, good flowering density, good re-bloom, and very disease resistant

Tequila Supreme (S) SH:  copper and ochre; no fragrance; approx. 4’T x 4’W, bushy; scalloped petals; above-average disease resistance; performs well in hot, humid conditions

The McCartney Rose (S) *F HT:  deep pink; strong, spicy fragrance; 6’T, upright; mesmerizing fragrance; rated #1 for blackspot resistance in Easy-Tea trials at the ARS Gardens in Shereveport, LA

Thrive (S) SH:  fire engine red; no fragrance; approx. 4’T x 3’W, bushy; strong and very disease resistant Knock Out descendant; bright blooms all season

Tiddly Winks (W) Min:  orangey-pink and yellow; slight fragrance; tidy, round and compact; award winner; great in containers and small spaces

Tiffany (W) *F HT:  pink with a yellow base; strong fruity fragrance; medium to tall and upright; large, full, well-formed flowers

Tropical Lightening (W) *F CL:  burnt orange, purple smoke and cream; moderate fragrance; 10-12’ long canes; medium-sized, formal blooms in small clusters; heavy bloomer; good disease resistance

Tropicana (W) *F HT: winner of 12 international awards, this long-stemmed rose has an intense fruity fragrance in a flashy blend of coral and orange

Vavoom Rose (W) *F FL: Long-lived blooms of orange-juice orange made even more intense against the backdrop of glossy green leaves and deep mahogany-red new growth. The rounded compact plant can be tucked into small spaces

Veteran’s Honor (W) HT:  bright red; light fragrance; medium/tall and upright; huge flowers with perfect form on extra-long cutting stems; long-lasting in a vase

Violet’s Pride (W) *F FL:  lavender and magenta; strong grapefruit and spice fragrance; medium-sized and rounded; spiraled, full-petaled flowers in clusters; a Downton Abbey series rose

Watercolors Home Run (W) *F SH:  yellow-gold with pink blush; moderate spice fragrance; medium height and rounded; natural disease resistance; well-behaved habit; excellent flower production

Westerland, Cl. (W) *F CL: apricot orange blend; strong spice and rose; 10-12’climber; highly disease resistant; large flowers in clusters; heavy bloomer

White Eden (S) CL: old-fashioned white flowers cover this very vigorous climber from head to toe in the spring and contrast nicely with its dark foliage

Zephirine Douhin, Cl. (S) *F CL: hot pink; strong, damask fragrance; 10-15’ climber; thornless; tolerates moderate to deeper shade; great cut flowers