Tomato List, Spring 2019


(DET) Determinate, aka "bush tomatoes"
Plant reaches a certain height then flowers & fruits over a concentrated period of time (usually a few weeks); suited for container growing.

(INDET) Indeterminate
Plant grows & produces fruit over a long period of time until stopped by disease or too high or too low temperatures; best in large beds or containers; needs strong support.


(V) Verticillium wilt 

(N) Nematodes 

(T) Tobacco Mosaic Virus 

(EB) Early Blight

(LB) Late Blight

(F) Fusarium wilt (FF=Races 1&2; FFF=Races 1,2,&3)

(A) Alternaria Leaf Spot/Stem Canker

(St) Stemphyllium Gray Leaf Spot 

(TSWV) Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus


Varieties at Enchanted

Amana Orange | Heirloom (Indet, 90 days)

Huge, beefsteak tomato. Big plants produce above average amounts of beautiful light-orange, fluted tomatoes that can grow to 2 lbs. or more. Excellent, sweet, almost tropical fruit flavors. 

Amelia | V FFF N St TSWV (Det, 75–80 days)

Outstanding disease resistance on a high-yielding plant that produces large, 8-10 oz, firm tomatoes prized for their flavor.  Great for salads, sandwiches, & salsas.  Nice, neat plant that is great in containers.

Atlas | (Det, 65–70 days)

First ever large beefsteak tomato on a compact plant. Perfect for pots- bushy, compact plants full of 1 lb tomatoes with old-timey flavor and good disease resistance.

Beefmaster | V F N (Indet, 80 days)

One of the biggest beefsteak-types at up to 2 lbs.  Nearly seedless, solid, meaty, flavorful fruit.

Beefsteak | Heirloom V F (Indet, 75 days)

High yielding, old-fashioned favorite bears big, meaty 2 lb. fruits with rich, full flavor.

Beefy Boy, Park's | V FF T St (Indet, 70 days)

Huge,12-16 oz, meaty fruit with exceptional flavor.  

Bella Rosa | V FF N A St TSWV (Det, 75 days)

High yields of large, 10-12 oz, bright red, delicious tomatoes.  In a Louisiana virus-resistant tomato trial, this tomato also ranked at the top in productivity, large fruit size, & great flavor. Heat tolerant; does well in hot, humid areas.

Better Boy | V F N A St (Indet, 75 days)

Plump, juicy, deep red tomatoes that often weigh more than 1 lb.  High yields and excellent flavor. Heavy foliage protects fruit from sunscald.  Highly adaptable variety that thrives in nearly any climate. Excellent disease resistance.

Better Bush | V F N (Det, 68 days)

Big 4" fruits are tasty & meaty; plants have extra sturdy stems & thick, deep green foliage.  Perfect for large containers or small gardens.

Big Beef | V FF N T A St (Indet, 73 days)

Very large, smooth, round fruit weighing 9-16 oz with rich, old-fashioned flavor.  Excellent disease resistance & high yields.  A tough, adaptable choice in virtually any climate.

Black Cherry (JJL) | Heirloom (Indet, 65 days) 

Yields plentiful clusters of perfectly round 1" true cherry tomatoes that are deep red with a blackish hue. The flavor is complex, rich, juicy and sweet.

Black Plum (JJL) | Heirloom (Indet, 82 days)

Sprawling indeterminate plant produces an abundant long and steady crop of 2" plum-shaped fruits that are colored a beautiful deep-mahogany. Unique, sweet, tangy, rich, complex flavors.

Brandywine (JJL) | Heirloom (Indet, 80 days)

Legendary for its exceptional rich, succulent flavor. Large pink-red fruit up to 1 1/2 lbs.

Burpee's Big Boy | (Indet, 78 days)

Wonderful aroma and rich flavor. Very large, crack-free, meaty fruit weigh 10-16 oz or more. Blemish-resistant skins.

Bush Early Girl | V FF N T (Det, 54 days)

Compact plant perfect for large patio pots.  Higher-yielding and earlier than most compact varieties. Huge yields of 6-7 oz meaty, red tomatoes (larger than Early Girl) with good flavor.  Even more disease-resistant than the "original".  

Bushsteak | (Det, 65 days)

Early maturing beefsteak tomatoes on a compact plant suitable for containers. Produces loads of 8-12 oz, meaty, red fruit with exceptional flavor. Great slicing tomato.

Camaro (JJL) | V FFF A (Det, 72 days)

Early maturing, XL 10-14 oz, firm, globe-shaped fruit; performs well even in hot weather; mid-compact plant.

Candyland Red | (Indet, 55–60 days)

Currant-type tomatoes are heavily produced in long clusters like bunches of grapes.  Tiny, 1/2", 1/4 oz, red fruit are packed with super sweet, rich flavor for popping in your  mouth.  Neat, restrained habit makes the plant easy to manage, while exterior fruit set make harvesting a snap.  The first currant tomato to win AAS honors!

Carmello | V F N T (Indet, 70 days)

One of the most productive tomatoes ever bred. Large crops of crack-resistant, heavy, juicy tomatoes with exceptional flavor. Plants are widely adapted & disease-resistant.    

Celebrity | V FF N T A (Det, 70 days)

Exceptionally flavorful, crack-resistant, firm 8-12 oz fruit on strong vines with outstanding disease resistance. One of our most popular tomatoes. 

Champion II | V F N T (Indet, 65 days)

Great sandwich tomato; solid and meaty with just the right sweetness. High yields of 6-7 oz fruit.

Chef's Choice Orange | T M V (Indet, 75 days) AAS winner

Originated with the heirloom Amana Orange. Produces high yields of 9-12 oz orange beefsteak tomatoes that keep the same delicious, old-fashioned flavor & texture while maturing much earlier than Amana Orange.   

Cherokee Purple | Heirloom (Indet, 80 days)

Reliable producer of juicy, dusky rose/purple tomatoes averaging 8-12 oz with deep red flesh & sweet, rich flavor. Tolerant to mild drought as well as common diseases. 

Chocolate Cherry (JJL) | Heirloom (Indet, 70 days)

Produces heavy crops of 1" cherry tomatoes with unique port wine-colored flesh & skin. Thin-skinned fruit has a tangy, multi-faceted flavor.

Chocolate Stripes | (Indet, 79 days)

Heavy crop of juicy, 1-2 pound, mahogany tomatoes with dark, olive green striping.  Complex, sweet, earthy tomato flavor.  Delicious! 

Creole | Heirloom (Indet, 78 days)

Developed by LSU in 1956, this tomato thrives in hot, humid climates. The 3" tomatoes are round, firm, and juicy with a delicious tomatoey flavor and good acidity.

Early Girl | VF (Indet, 62 days)

Super early variety with heavy yields of flavorful 4-6 oz fruit.  Excellent performance in almost any climate.  

Floradade | Heirloom (Det, 74 days)

Produces smooth, red, 5-7 oz tomatoes, with oxheart shape and green shoulders. Great ability to withstand heat and produce high yields. A farmers market favorite.

Fresh Salsa | V FF N (Det, 65–75 days)

Meaty, 4-5 oz paste tomatoes that stay firm when chopped up for salsa, bruschetta, sauces, & more. Highly productive plant.

Green Zebra | Heirloom (Indet, 75–80 days)

Unique & delicious salad tomato.  2-4 oz fruits ripen to amber-green with darker green stripes.  Light green flesh is a delicious tasty treat--sweet yet zingy.

Health Kick | FF T A St TSWV BS (Det, 72 days)

4–5 oz, bright red, plum-shaped fruit with 50% higher levels of the antioxidant lycopene than other common tomatoes.  Compact, disease-resistant, productive plant.  Great for salads, cooking & more.

Homestead 24 | Heirloom (Indet, 81 days)

Great for hot, humid coastal regions in the South. This variety sets fruit even in hot weather. Big, leafy vines produce huge amounts of smooth, red, round, 10-12 oz. fruits with exceptionally good taste. Resistant to cracking.

Husky Red Cherry | (Indet dwarf, 65 days)

Big yields of tasty, 1" cherry tomatoes in large clusters on compact plants that continue to produce over a long season.  Delicious sweet to acid balance.

Indian Stripe | Heirloom (Indet, 80–85 days)

8-10 oz burgundy-purple tomatoes with exquisite taste.  Faint green stripes fade as tomatoes ripen.  Similar to Cherokee Purple but produces more heavily.  Excellent for slicing, salads, or sauce.  Relatively compact plant has superior tolerance for heat, humidity, disease, & adverse growing/setting conditions.  

Japanese Trifele Black | Heirloom (Indet, 75 days)

Pear-shaped, 4-6 oz, deep mahogany brown tomatoes with green shoulders.  Unusual-looking fruit has outstanding, rich flavor.  Highly productive potato-leaved plants.

Julia Child | Heirloom (Indet, 78 days)

Potato-leaf plant.  Produces lots of 4" deep pink, lightly fluted, beefsteak tomatoes with a robust, tomatoey flavor & firm, juicy flesh.  Flavor is described as sweet & fruity, balanced with acid & earthiness.

Juliet | (Indet, 60 days)

Clusters of elongated, 1 oz, red fruit with full tomato flavor high in both acid & sugar.  Crack-resistant. Vigorous & productive.  Resistant to late blight & leaf spot.

Kellog's Breakfast | Heirloom (Indet, 80–85 days)

Beautiful orange fruits are meaty throughout with solid centers that have just a few seeds at the edges. A long-season producer of large, beefsteak-type fruits that weigh 1 to 2 pounds. Great for slicing and eating fresh.

La Roma (JJL) | V FF N A St (Det, 76 days)

An excellent Roma tomato known for its vigor and uniformity. Bright red, meaty fruits are large, 5 to 8 ounces, and full of flavor. Perfect for canning, pastes, and sauces.

Lillian's Yellow | Heirloom (Indet, 90 days)

Potato-leaf variety.  Large (16-20 oz), bright yellow fruit with meaty, dense interior.  Rich, complex flavor unusual for a yellow tomato.  Creamy taste on the tongue. 

Little Bing (JJL) | V FF (Det, 60–65 days)

Flavor-filled, red cherry tomato; dwarf plant (approx 2' tall) perfect for container gardening.

Lemon Boy | V F N A St (Indet, 72 days)

Bright yellow, 7 oz fruits that are low in acidity and slightly tangy. They add color to salads and are an excellent texture for slicing. This plant will get taller than average and will need support.

Louisiana Pink | Heirloom (Indet, 79 days)

Very good yields of 3-4 oz pink, globe-shaped tomatoes. Delicious flavor.  A good choice for hot, humid growing conditions like ours.  

Mater Sandwich (JJL) | (Indet, 75 days)

Large, 10-16 oz, slightly flattened, deep red tomato with juicy, meaty flesh. One slice is enough to cover your sandwich.

Matt's Wild Cherry | Heirloom (Indet, 60 days)

Wild variety produces deep red, extremely sweet 5/8 to 3/4" fruit on vigorous vines. Rarely bothered by diseases.  From Hidalgo, Mexico.

Nepal | Heirloom (Indet, 78 days)

10-12 oz, medium-large, bright red fruit.  Soft, but meaty with excellent, old-fashioned tomato flavor.  Matures earlier than most large-fruited types.

Patio | F A St (Det, 70 days)

Produces large harvests of 2" round, 3 to 4 oz, flavorful, red tomatoes.  Most popular variety for growing on patios, decks, courtyards, or wherever space is limited.

Paul Robeson (JJL) | Heirloom (Indet, 75 days)

Slightly flattened, 4" deep maroon, beefsteak-type fruits with a complex flavor that is sweet, yet tangy, with the perfect acid/sweet balance. Free of most blemishes and cracking. One of the most highly regarded black tomatoes.

Red Grape | Heirloom (Indet, 60 days)

Heat-tolerant & disease-resistant plants produce red, elongated cherry tomatoes in long clusters. Delicious sweet, complex flavor.  Vigorous, productive vines.

Roma | Heirloom VFA (Det, 75–78 days)

Bright red, plum-shaped, 3" long, paste-type fruits with meaty interiors. Thick-walled & solid with very few seeds & good flavor.  Compact vines yield large harvests.  

San Marzano (JJL) | Heirloom (Indet, 80 days)

Superb flavor; 3 1/2" x 1 1/2", bright red fruit in clusters. Holds well on the vine & in storage. Extra-high solid content is perfect for canning, paste, & puree.

Steakhouse | (Indet, 75–80 days)

The largest beefsteak tomato ever bred, it produces high yields of fruits that can weigh up to 3 pounds, and are known for their rich tomato flavor. You'll need a big tomato cage for this one.

Sugary (JJL) | (Semi-Det, 60–80 days)

Super-sweet, juicy, 2 oz cherry tomatoes with reddish-pink skins. Huge yields of oval-shaped, slightly pointed fruits over a long period on a more compact plant than most.

Sun Gold | F T (Indet, 57 days)

Premier variety of cherry tomato that ripens to a golden orange with a very sweet, fruity flavor. Produces in warm & cool conditions. Fruit matures quickly & crops heavily through the warmer months.

Sweet 100 | V F N T (Indet, 70 days)

Huge clusters of sweet, bite-sized cherry tomatoes in abundance over a long season. High in vitamin C.

Sweet Chelsea | V F N T (Indet, 67 days)

Crack-resistant, jumbo-sized cherry tomato with extra sweet taste.  Vigorous, disease-resistant vine.  Produces all season long.

Sweet Million | F N T (Indet, 65 days)

Improved version of Sweet 100 with better disease resistance & tolerance to cracking but the same wonderful flavor & yields.  Huge clusters of 1" dark red fruit on tall, vigorous plants.  Matures early & continues over a long season.  

Tazmanian Chocolate | (Dwarf Det, 70 days)

Cross between two popular heirlooms - 'New Big Dwarf' & 'Paul Robeson'.  Full-sized, 5-12 oz, tomatoes produced on a compact, 3-4' tall plant perfect for containers or small gardens.  Fruit ripen to deep mahogany & have a tasty, tart-sweet balance.  

Tycoon | V F N TSWV (Det, 80 days)

Known for its resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus as well as it exceptional heat-setting ability. Plant produces high yields of 9 to 12 oz red beefsteak tomatoes with excellent flavor. Texas Superstar Plant. One of the best tomatoes for our area.

Tomatillo-Super Verde | (Indet, 75 days)

Related to tomatoes, but not a true tomato

Firm, tart, green fruit with a paper-like husk.  Above average shelf life.  Strong, vigorous, high-yielding plant.  Use to make green salsa, roast to use in guacamole, or mince & add to any recipe to add a tart, lemony flavor.  Isolated tomatillo plants rarely set fruit, so plant two or more for proper pollination.  

Valentine (JJL) | (Indet, 55 days)

2018 AAS Vegetable Winner! Voted the most appealing grape tomato trialed. With an appetizing deep-red color, it has a very sweet taste and will hold longer on the vine without cracking or losing the excellent eating quality. It is quite prolific and will mature earlier than other grape tomato varieties.

Viva Italia (JJL) | VFFNASt (Det, 72 days)

3 oz. pear-shaped fruits with thick, sweet flesh. Exceptionally high yields; early & disease-resistant.

Yellow Pear | Heirloom (Indet, 78 days)

Miniature, bright yellow, pear-shaped, fruit with a deliciously tangy flavor.Tall plants bear large & continuous harvests.  Considered by many as "garden candy."