Vegetable List, Spring 2019


  • Broccoli (early spring only)

  • Cantaloupe

  • Celery (early spring only)

  • Corn

  • Cucumber

  • Eggplant

  • Kale (early spring only)

  • Lettuce (early spring only)

  • Okra

  • Onions, bunching

  • Spinach (summer only)

  • Squash

  • Swiss Chard (early spring only)

  • Watermelon

Helpful Hints

  • Most vegetables require 6-8 hours of sunlight

  • Make sure to inspect your plants regularly and monitor for pests.

  • Caterpillars LOVE those leafy greens as much as we do! Control them with an organic product, such as BT. BT does not harm pollinators (such as bees). Our staff is also available to help with selecting just the right product for your needs!

  • Check out the garden center for a variety of different seeds, such as carrots, radishes, peas and beets!

  • Amend your soil prior to planting with Happy Frog Soil Conditioner—your plants with thank you!

  • Fertilize with Microlife or Foxfarm products

  • Staff pick reference book for the Houston area gardener: Year Round Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers for Metro Houston by Bob Randall (available in the gift shop!); a great reference book to guide you on your gardening journey!

Coming soon to Enchanted Gardens

Keep an eye out for these favorites!!

  • Garlic & Shallots | October

  • Seed Potatoes | January

  • Onion Sets | November (usually the first or second week)

  • Asparagus | January




Harvest immature flower buds before they start to open. The base of each bract & the large, fleshy base (or artichoke heart) are edible & delicious. The smaller immature heads are the most tender. Beautiful plants become large, 4-5’ tall and wide, & unharvested buds open into gorgeous thistle-like flowers. Full sun to part shade.

  • Cardoon | (120 days)

    Relatively tender perennial; leaf stalks are also edible when steamed or braised.

  • Green Globe | Heirloom (78 days)
    Purple tinged, deep green buds develop into 3-5” wide, thick flavorful heads; approx. 3-4 per plant

Bak Choi/Bok Choy

One of the most popular Asian vegetables; tasty leaves with slight mustardy flavor; harvest at any stage; great in stir fries, soups, noodles, meat dishes and salads.

  • Green | (40-50 days)
    Dark Green leaves with white stems


  • Destiny | (57 days)
    Vigorous, similar to Packman, but slightly more heat tolerant with a smaller plant size


  • Hwa King | (70-80 days)
    Chinese/Napa type with a more delicate flavor than regular cabbage; use in stir-fries or salads*

  • Katarina | (45 days)
    Produces uniform, 4” globes on compact plants; great for raised beds or containers

  • Ruby Ball | (78 days)
    6-8” round heads, mild, sweet flavor; stores well after harvest

  • Stonehead | (67 days)
    Early producer of tightly packed, short-cored. 4-6 lb. heads; pest and disease resistant


  • Cheddar | (68 days)
    Domed, 4-7” wide, orange-colored heads with 25x the beta carotene of plain white types; keeps color when cooked; extra healthy and colorful in raw or cooked dishes*

  • Graffiti | (80 days)
    Large, deep purple heads that turn a mauve color when cooked; more tolerant of rainy & humid climates than other varieties; highly resistant to powdery mildew; excellent when steamed, sautéed or boiled (add a little lemon juice or vinegar to keep color stronger)*

  • Snow Crown | (50-60 days)
    Mild and sweet, large white heads on a fast-growing, vigorous plant; holds up to 10 days in the garden*

  • Veronica Romanesco | (77-85 days)
    Large heads with clusters of swirling lime-green spires as beautiful as they are delicious; tastes like a nuttier cross of broccoli and cauliflower; excellent raw or cooked*


Utah | (90-100 days)
Compact variety with dark, green stalks; harvest by cutting the base at soil level with a knife; much more aromatic and delicious than store bought celery!


Georgia Collards | (45 days) prized for sweet, cabbage-like flavor; can be harvested leaf by leaf or whole head; grows 24-36” tall; plant 2 feet apart


Extraordinarily nutritious vegetable; 1 cup has more than 100% of the daily value of vitamins K & A, and almost 90% of the daily value of vitamin C; rich source of compounds linked to cancer prevention; use raw or lightly steamed in soups, stir-fries and other dishes

Nero di Toscano | Heirloom (50 days); superior Italian variety (aka Lacinato or Dinosaur Kale) dark green, heavily blistered leaves have a softer texture than curly types; productive plants can reach up to 2-3’ tall; heat tolerant

Prizm | (50-60 days) AAS Vegetable Award Winner; grows well in raised beds or containers; very heat tolerant; produces large, tender, tightly ruffled leaves

Redbor | (50 days) densely curled, blue green leaves with a superb flavor and texture; compact growth habit

Tronchuda | (50 days) more heat tolerant; large, flavorful leaves make an excellent substitute for cabbage; stems add great flavor and crunch to salads


a member of the cabbage family that develops an edible bulb with a crunchy texture like that of a water chestnut; peel, then slice or shred raw into salads or coleslaw; cook in soups, stews or stir-fries, or roast in meaty dishes; add near the end of cooking to keep the crunch if desired; leaves can be cooked like you would other greens

Gourmet Purple | (50 days) slightly flattened, lilac purple, crisp bulbs with a delicate sweet flavor; slow to bolt.


  • All-Star Gourmet | (30 days)
    Specially-designed salad mix with reds, greens, ruffles & other uniquely-shaped leaves (Green and Red Oakleaf, Green and Red Romaine, Lolla Rossa & Redleaf)*

  • Al Fresco Mix Lettuce | (45 days)
    This colorful and nutritious mix includes red and green leaf lettuce, with arugula, endive and radicchio, creating a Mediterranean combo

  • Buttercrunch | (65 days)
    Award winner; heat-tolerant, Bibb-type with luscious, buttery texture; rich green leaves form a beautiful rosette in the garden that holds well under stress and has good bolt resistance

  • Flashy Trout’s Back | (45 days)
    Beautiful and tasty Romaine that is dark green with wine-red speckles; sweet, buttery flavor

  • Heatwave Blend Lettuce | (45 days)
    A collection of heat-tolerant varieties that includes romaine, oak-leafed, crisped-frilled, loose-leaf and bronze fern-leafed lettuces

  • Little Caesar Lettuce |
    Perfect for Caesar salads; tall heads have sweet crisp leaves that are perfect for small pots or small gardens

  • Red Sails | (45 days)
    Large, erect leaves start deep red at the ruffled tips, fade to bronzy-maroon in the center, and turn green at the base; pretty addition to a mixed salad; soft texture and buttery flavor on a heat-tolerant, bolt resistant plant

  • Red Salad Bowl Lettuce | (45 days)
    Long-standing, slow-to-bolt, early maturing lettuce that makes a pretty addition to salads and can be harvested all season long

  • Romaine | (65-70 days)
    Thick, crisp, elongated leaves that hold well after harvest; sweet and delicious; very heat-resistant and slow to bolt

  • Simpson Elite | (53 days)
    Like Black-Seeded Simpson, but can be harvested a month longer; crisp texture and fine flavor; early maturing and tolerant of hot weather


  • Beri Houshi | (40 days)
    Bright purple stems are rich in antioxidants; greens are excellent raw in salads and add a bright umami flavor

  • Red Streaked | (40 days)
    Eaten fresh, these maroon colored greens add a wild mustard-like flavor to salads and sandwiches.


  • Florida Broadleaf | (45 days)
    Fast growing, mild flavored; produces large, broad leaves; will tolerate heat better than most other mustards

Red Giant | (40 days) bold, spicy flavor with beautiful maroon leaves; great container plant; frost improves flavor and color

Onions, Bunching

Ishikura Bunching Onion | (40-60 days) vigorous and hardy winter variety; excellent mild flavor; Japanese bunching (non-bulbing) onions best used like scallions

Pak Choi

Rosy | (21-42 days) attractive purple/red-leaved variety with bright green stems; flavor is sweet with a hint of mustard; can be used as a baby leaf vegetable or as whole heads (cut off just above ground level and allow to resprout) shredded into stir-fries*

Toy Choi | (30 days) a miniature variety; flavor is mild, tender and succulent; perfect single serving vegetable; eat fresh, steamed or add to soups and stir-fries


Red Veined | (50 days); beautiful perennial with red streaked leaves; citrusy, rhubarb like flavor; great for salads or lettuce wraps


Avon | (44 days) large, tender, dark green leaves; known for its great flavor; resistant to powdery mildew

Hybrid Smooth Leaf | (39 days); very slow-bolting plants that hold well in the garden with delicious dark green, oval leaves

Monstreaux di Viroflay | (50 days) a gourmet French heirloom spinach; fast growing with flavorful, smooth leaves that get up to 10” long

Whale | (37 days) very early yields of oval, dark green, smooth-leaf spinach; very downy mildew resistant; excellent to harvest as baby leaf and/or bunched

Swiss Chard

(60 days) a close relative of garden beets; tangy, colorful leaves; the stems are an excellent cooked vegetable and a tremendous source of vitamins; eat like spinach or beet greens; best harvested young for salads; tolerant of hot weather and easy to grow!