Vegetable List, Spring 2019


  • Broccoli (early spring only)

  • Cantaloupe

  • Celery (early spring only)

  • Corn

  • Cucumber

  • Eggplant

  • Kale (early spring only)

  • Lettuce (early spring only)

  • Okra

  • Onions, bunching

  • Spinach (summer only)

  • Squash

  • Swiss Chard (early spring only)

  • Watermelon



Broccoli (early spring only)

Destiny | 48–67 days
Smooth, round, 6–8" heads; excellent heat-tolerant variety great for a fall or spring crop in the South; produces lots of side shoots; replaced Packman in 2016; 12–18" tall x 18–24" spacing.


Sugar Cube | 80 days
Personal size, 2-pound fruit with juicy, deep orange, extra sweet flesh (14% sugar content). Exceptionally disease-resistant & productive. Smaller seed cavity than classic melons, so more edible flesh.

Celery (early spring only)

Tall Utah | 90–100 days
Fresh celery is much more aromatic & delicious than store bought. This is a compact variety with dark green stalks. Harvest by cutting the base at soil level with a knife.


Honey 'N Pearl | 76 days
Popular, yellow & white, tender, sweet corn. Large, finely textured, well-filled cobs up to 9" long contain twice the sugar of regular corn. Award winner with superb disease resistance plus tight husks that lower the risk of corn earworm infestation.


  • Burpless Supreme | 55 days
    Sweet, mild, burpless dark green slicers with no bitterness. Up to 12" long and 2" in diameter. Excellent sliced, but also fine for pickling when picked at a smaller size. High yielding.

  • Bush Crop (JJL) | 60 days
    Extremely prolific dwarf variety with dark bluish-green skin, crisp white flesh and a small seed cavity. 6–8" long slicing cucumbers on runnerless vines only 1–2' long. Excellent for containers or small garden plots. Scab-resistant.

  • Diva | 58 days
    AAS winner. Produces tender, crisp, sweet, bitter-free, & seedless cucumbers that are especially flavorful when harvested small. Produces exclusively female flowers which do not require pollination to set fruit. Foliage is non-bitter, thus not as attractive to cucumber beetles. Resistant to scab & mildews.

  • Excelsior | 50 days
    NEW! Vigorous, balanced plant with consistent fruit setting. Excellent flavor. Disease-resistant plants produce crunchy, 4–5" cucumbers that are great for pickling or eating fresh.

  • GherKing | 50–55 days
    3–5" fruit has crisp, tasty flesh that has no bitterness even when left on the vine. Produces early and large crops. Perfect for pickling & fresh eating. Plant has excellent disease resistance & doesn't need insects for pollination; 4–6' vining stems do best trained on a trellis.

  • Homemade Pickles | 55 days
    Solid & crisp cucumbers with superb flavor. This disease-resistant, vigorous grower bears exceptionally high yields of uniform, medium-green fruit with small white spines. Harvest at 1-1/2"" for baby sweets, at 5-6"" for robust dills and spears, or any size in between.

  • Patio Snacker | 50–55 days
    A great container or small space cuke! 6-8" long x 1 1/2-2" wide, dark green fruit are crunchy & flavorful. Produces continuously all season long. Small plants have 3-5' long vining stems perfect for a small trellis in a pot or raised bed. Doesn't need insect pollination.

  • Salad Crop (JJL) | 63 days
    This one has it all-great taste, compact plants and excellent disease resistance. Produces straight, 8–9" long, dark green slicers.

  • Straight Eight | 63 days
    Extremely popular early variety that produces straight, dark green, 8" long cucumbers with a small seed cavity & white spines. Excellent for slicing, salads, or dill pickles. Award winner.


  • Black Beauty | Heirloom, 74 days
    A standard worldwide for large-fruited, black eggplant. Glossy fruits get up to 8" long with perfect shape for eggplant steaks on the grill or Eggplant Parmesan. No need to peel the tender skin.

  • Calliope (JJL) | 64 days
    Beautiful, oval, Asian-style eggplant. Small fruits are variegated purple & white and can be harvested at 2" long for baby eggplants or 3–4" long when mature.

  • Dancer (JJL) | 61 days
    Deep pink, Italian-type eggplant. Semi-cylindrical fruits are mid-sized (7–8" long x 3–4" wide), mild, and non-bitter. Plants are strong and high yielding.

  • Diamond | Heirloom, 70 days
    Mild, dark purple, slender eggplant that has superb flavor & firm flesh. 6–9" long x 2–3" wide fruit are delicious grilled. Disease-resistant, 2' tall plants are high yielding.

  • Ichiban | 61 days
    Long, slender, purplish-black, Asian-type eggplant with thin, tender skin & a sweet, mild flavor. Perfect for Asian dishes, grilling, & roasting. Attractive purple-tinged foliage on productive plant.

  • Meatball | 55–60 days
    The meatiest & tastiest eggplant yet! Dense, moist flesh captures the flavor & texture of meat. Use the large, 4–6", dark purple fruit in any recipe that calls for meat, even in meatballs or burgers. Cook as cutlets, in stir-fries, pastas, curries, dips, or mashed for baba ghanoush. Stake or cage the compact, 2–3' tall plant.

  • Orient Express (JJL)
    (58 days) Long, slim Asian variety (8–10" long by 1 1/2 – 2 1/2" wide) with thin, glossy black skin & tender, delicately-flavored flesh. Sets early & in both cool & hot weather.

  • Pingtung Long | Heirloom, 65–75 days
    A prolific, early-producing Asian-type with slender fruit up to 12–18" long by 1–2" wide. Very tender skin doesn’t need to be peeled. A vigorous, stress- and disease-tolerant plant.

Kale (early spring only)

Extraordinarily nutritious vegetable. One cup has more than 100% of the daily value of Vitamin K & A & almost 90% of the daily value of Vitamin C. A rich source of compounds linked to cancer prevention. Use raw or lightly steamed in soups, stir-fries, & other dishes.

  • Kale Storm Mix | 65–80 days
    Mix of different colors & textures of kale that’s like a ready-mix salad; lasts longer in patio pots than lettuce & won’t bolt; harvest outer leaves for continual supply; great for salads, soups, sandwiches, & smoothies.

  • Nero di Toscana | Heirloom, 50 days
    Superior Italian variety also known as “Lacinato” or “Dinosaur Kale.” Dark green, heavily “blistered” leaves have a softer texture than curly types. Productive plants can reach 2–3' tall. Heat-tolerant. (from JJL only).

  • Redbor | 50 days
    Beautiful & tasty variety with mild-flavored, crisp, finely-curled leaves. Grows 18–24" tall. (from JJL only).

Lettuce (early spring only)

  • Allstar Gourmet Mix (JJL) | 30 days
    A specially-designed salad mix with reds, greens, ruffles, & other uniquely-shaped leaves. (Green & Red Oakleaf, Green & Red Romaine, Lolla Rossa, & Redleaf).

  • Buttercrunch | 65 days
    Award winner. Heat-tolerant bibb-type with luscious, buttery texture. Rich green leaves form a beautiful rosette in the garden that holds well under stress & has good bolt resistance.

  • Flashy Trout Back | 55 days
    NEW! Heirloom. A dark green-leaved romaine splashed with wine-red speckles. It has crisp, buttery flavor. A beautiful addition to salads.

  • New Red Fire (JJL) | 29 days
    Heavy heads of crisp & sweet, red, frilly leaves on plants with excellent heat tolerance & bolt resistance.

  • Parris Island Romaine | 65–70 days
    Thick, crisp, elongated leaves that hold well after harvest. Sweet & delicious. Very heat-resistant & slow to bolt.

  • Simpson Elite
    (53 days) Like Black-Seeded Simpson but can be harvested a month longer. Crisp texture & fine flavor. Early maturing & tolerant of hot weather.


Great for soups, stews, jambalaya, & casseroles. Also excellent fried, either whole or sliced, & pickled.

  • Clemson Spineless | 56 days
    Heavy producer of grooved, very meaty pods without spines that are best picked when 2 1/2 – 3" long. Full-bodied flavor. Award winner.

  • Eagle Pass | 55 days
    From the area around Carrizo Springs & Eagle Pass, TX. Productive plants with big, tender & delicious pods that are less slimy than other okras.

  • Jambalaya | 50 days
    Extra early & heavy bearing compact plants that set masses of dark green fruit. Tender, meaty pods are 4–5" long & very evenly-sized (great for pickling).

  • Stewart's Zeebest | 65 days
    Developed by the late George & Mary Stewart of Houston, TX. The story of how they developed this special okra was featured in the May 2009 issue of Texas Gardener magazine. The Stewarts spent nine years planting and replanting, selecting the most heavy-bearing, bushy plants that produced tender pods. The pods are said to remain tender even at 8" or more in length.

Onions, Bunching

He Shi Ko | Heirloom, 60–80 days
Mild & tasty, Japanese bunching (non-bulbing) onions that are used like scallions. Delicious, pungent flesh on 12–14" white stalks with tender leaves. Overwinters and “over-summers” here. Stalks grow & can be divided from the base.


Red Malabar (available in summer) | 50-70 days
Not a true spinach. This heat-loving, vigorous climbing vine has attractive red stems & thick, glossy, succulent leaves that have a slight Swiss chard taste. Use leaves & young stems sparingly in salads and stir fries. Grows in hotter temperatures than true spinach.


  • Black Beauty | 50 days
    The classic dark-green summer squash that has made modern zucchini of this type popular. Delicious fried or baked; best picked young.

  • Bocce | 55 days
    A kid-friendly choice! Very high yields of 4", bocce ball-shaped summer squash with smooth, dark green, zucchini-like skin. Harvest as baby squash or when mature. Ideal for slicing, grilling, or stuffing. Widely adapted & easy to grow.

  • Cupcake | 52 days
    Cupcake-shaped summer squash with the rich, sweet flavor of patty-pan and the soft skin of zucchini. Large, trailing plant yields dozens of 2–5" green fruit great for roasting, slicing, grilling, boiling, stuffing, and more. Use as a substitute for zucchini in any recipe, sweet or savory.

  • Dixie, Crookneck | 41 days
    Early variety produces heavy yields of shiny, lemon yellow, strongly tapered 5–6" long fruit. Skin is smooth, unlike other yellow crookneck varieties. Very flavorful & tender. Best when harvested at about 6" long.

  • Easy Pick Gold II Zucchini | 45–50 days
    New for 2018! Straight, golden-skinned zucchini that can be harvested from very small up to 10" long. Open habit, relatively compact, productive plants are almost spineless for easier harvest. Doesn’t need insect pollination to produce fruit. Squash is smooth-textured with a delicious and mild flavor.

  • Eight Ball Zucchini | 55 days
    NEW! A round little charmer that is bold, glossy and with a deep forest-green skin. Loaded with delicious nutty, buttery flavor, Eight Ball makes a fantastic stuffed zucchini. Vines are very productive. Size: 3–4" x 3".

  • Gentry (JJL) | 44 days
    Semi-crookneck, smooth, butter-yellow squash of excellent quality even in stressful weather. Mild, sweet, delicious flavor. Best harvested at 5–6".

  • Primavera, spaghetti squash | 90–95 days
    A perfect substitute for pasta! Consistently outperforms other spaghetti squash varieties on a manageable, semi-bush vine.
    2 1/2–4 lb fruit mature a bright, canary yellow. Stores up to 6 months once skin hardens.

  • Yellow Crookneck (JJL) | 58 days
    Compact plants that produce loads of creamy, mild, sweet, and flavorful yellow, swan-necked squash. Best when harvested at 5–6" long.

  • Yellow Straightneck | Heirloom, 42 days
    Early, prolific yields of creamy, yellow-skinned fruits with firm, delicate flesh. Best when 8–9" long. Perfect to slice into lengths for grilling, sliced thin for dips, or used in any number of dishes.

  • Zucchini II, Ball's | 46 days
    Large, vigorous vine produces heavy crops of dark green, 8–10" long, uniform fruit.

Swiss Chard (early spring only)

Bright Lights Mix | 60 days
A mix of green and burgundy, lightly savoyed leaves on individual stems of red, yellow, orange, gold, pink, or white; very mild, delicious flavor; use cooked or raw; pretty enough to use as an ornamental too; 20" tall.


  • Black Diamond | Heirloom, 75–90 days
    Classic, oblong watermelon with black-green rind and bright red, crisp, juicy and sweet flesh. Fruit can weigh up to 30–50 pounds. Prolific. (from JJL only).

  • Crimson Sweet | Heirloom, 85 days
    Award winner. The 20–25 lb oval to round fruit have sweet, fine-textured, firm flesh with relatively few small, dark seeds. Rind is medium green, tough & thick with dark green stripes. Disease-resistant & thrives in most climates.

  • Moon & Stars | Heirloom, 88–90 days
    Medium-sized (6–10 lb), oval, dark green fruit are covered with pea-sized bright yellow “stars” and usually one larger “moon.” Pink flesh is heavenly sweet & juicy. Beautiful plant has spotted foliage too.

  • Sugar Baby | 85 days
    Compact vine is good in containers or smaller garden plots. Produces heavy crops of 6-10 lb melons with firm, sweet, red-orange flesh. The rind has distinct stripes when immature, becoming black-green when ripe.