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Pollinator Gardening: Attracting Butterflies, Bees, & Other Beneficial Insects To Your Garden

Did you know that half of our global agriculture depends on wild insects to pollinate the crops? Including host and nectar plants in your garden will improve your flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees as well as those of your neighbors! Here’s a list of tips and plant suggestions to help you create the perfect pollinator environment.

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Botanical Trends of Instagram: The Houseplants You'll Want for 2019

Instagram has quickly become our favorite spot to share our newest arrivals, animal antics and favorite flowers around the nursery. Among some of the most popular plants on Instagram are houseplants. They are the great unifiers of the plant world—experts and novices alike can grow the same species everywhere, from Minnesota to Hawaii, in their kitchen window sill. It is because of this plant-growing kinship that we see the same favorites trending over and over. I

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