Fruit Tree Planting Guide

Planting Instructions

  1. To prevent damaging new roots, carry your tree by the pot—NOT by its trunk

  2. Dig your hole: same depth and 3 – 4 times wider than the original container

  3. Carefully cut only the bottom off of the pot. Lay the tree on its side and use a razor knife.

  4. Gently stand your tree up and place it in the center of the hole.

  5. Cut down the side of the pot and pull it away from the root ball of the tree.

  6. Backfill the hole. Mix in the original soil or planting mix & a sprinkle of Microlife. Add until the soil is just below the root collar.

  7. Water thoroughly and add root stimulator as directed on the label.

  8. Stake your tree.

  9. Add a protective layer of mulch.

  10. Remove tags from tree branches.


  • Microlife fertilizer

  • razor knife

  • shovel

  • root stimulator

  • stake, bamboo or sturdy plastic

  • mulch, pine bark is recommended



It’s a self-pollenizing fruit tree! Because of our location & climate, you only need to plant one tree to grow fruit.

  • Feed it kelp meal in late winter as it puts on new growth and again at the end of summer

  • In danger of sunburns! To protect it, paint the young green trunk with a mix of 50% water & 50% latex paint

In danger from freezes! During the first 3 years, protect your tree from freezing temperatures.


Keep it fed! Use Microlife as directed on the label once a month from April through October

Prevent leaf miners! During Spring, spray new growth with Captain Jack’s Deadbug spray once every two weeks. Continue spraying until the bright green leaves mature to dark green.