Texas Tough Perennials


Perennials are the workhorse of the summer landscape and they come in lots of shapes and sizes. There are perennials for sun or shade, perennials grown for just their foliage or flowers or both, and perennials that butterflies or hummingbirds like as much as you do. Most perennials like to have their own space so be sure to allow them room to spread and grow. Here are some of our staff’s favorite perennials with which they have had years of success.


Blue Mist Flower

Clouds of pollinators surround it when it’s in bloom (plus it’s a Texas native!).


Cone Flower

These blooming perennials are great for pollinators and the colors they put out just radiate warmth!

Cuphea-David-verity (3).png

Cuphea, David Verity

A great specimen for hummingbirds! Its blooms are unstoppable in spring and summer!


Daylilies, Kokomo Sunset

These stayed underwater for a week during hurricane Harvey, then survived temperatures as low as 16°F, and bloomed with a vengeance!



Also known as the Blanket Flower, this comes in bright colors and blooms all summer. Plus it can tolerate some afternoon shade.



Gaura is an excellent “see through” plant, meaning the flowers float high above the foliage on thin stems. It will add texture and depth to your garden. A Texas native, these flowers love the summer heat!


Hibiscus, Red Texas Star

All the showiness of the tropical hibiscus without the worry of replanting! It grows rapidly in spring and summer and has beautiful blossoms until late fall.

Ligularia Giant.png

Ligularia, Giant

Its leaves have a unique and bold shape and it grows well in the shade. It has yellow, daisy-like flowers, but I would grow it even if it didn’t bloom! Great space filler for those dark areas in your yard!


Rudbeckia, Goldsturm

The bright yellow flowers are large and showy and this plant just keeps showing them off all summer!


Salvia, Amistad

The deep purple flowers are gorgeous and they came back and bloomed quickly after this winter’s crazy freeze. It gets big and beautiful and the hummingbirds fight over who gets there first in the spring!


Trying to have a stunning landscape in the ever-changing Texas climate can pose a problem for gardeners of all experience levels. Annuals can bite the dust at the flick of a switch when the cold weather sets in. Thankfully, perennials can make a gardener’s life easier with a one-time planting and years of enjoyment.


Written by Clay Lenderman | Edited by Sebastien Serimontrikul